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Lost Gloves

This is Lost Gloves. A project that gives a new opportunity to gloves that had been lost on the streets, so they can go back to warming those in need. Was a challenge and also fun to made it. Enjoy.

What I did: Idea, concept, copy, stop motion and photos


Toddy is a famous hot cocoa brand, in Brazil, popular among the young ones. To get closer to the target, and also impact the parents, we had an idea involving a popular behaviour in Brazil: the use of cheesy GIFs by the family in Whatsapp.

So, we created exclusive GIFs, to bring more originality to WhatsApp families groups. But it wasn’t any GIF. Each of them had a code to be used as a discount coupon on Rappi, a delivery app.

GIFs were hosted on GIPHY and released on social networks by various influencers and fans of the brand. Yummy and pretty cool.

What I did: Idea, concept, copy and memes


Let me explain for “gringo” folks this idea:

The bar owners in Brazil are experts at naming an establishment with style. Ypióca, the oldest cachaça brand in Brazil, wants to value this unique and so Brazilian skill.

With that in mind, we created a promotion to choose the 3 most creative bar names in Brazil. Ypióca's spokesmen selected, voted and picked the 3 winners.

The bar owners won the entire brand product line and a bar makeover, with new logo, menus, tables, chairs and decoration.

After all, the best names deserve the best look.

The campaign was a successful case in the use of media on Facebook.

Read in portuguese here: Facebook Case

What I did: Idea, concept and copy

Carna itaú

This one I made for a big bank in Brazil. Yeah, I can do fun stuff for banks.

Was a digital campaign to talk about their products during the famous and amazing party in Brazil: Carnaval.

We did the ideas to work at Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google andbanners.Digital thinking, babe. ;)

What I did: Idea, concept, copy, script and memes


This project was a new and amazing experience that I have the pleasure to participate. MESA, put together a lot of professionals to help create a new brand: GAL, a beauty salons chain.

Gal was just an idea of passionate young investors that we helped become a structured brand, with visual identity, concept and storytelling.

What I did: concept, copy, brand name, voice tone and more.

Olinda de viver

This one is emotional, grab a tissue.

Olinda de Viver is a L'Occitane Au Brésil fragrance inspired by the everyday joy of Olinda (a city of Pernambuco, Brazil) woman. For the launch of the perfume, on Mother's Day, we created a film that explores the colors and architecture of the city, showing all the little joys and beauty of being a mother.

Director's cut

What I did: Idea, concept and copy


This client everyone's know, doesn't need extra explanation.

I had the opportunity to help this campaign with the creation of their new concept and tagline. #FomedeMc means: hungry of Mc Donalds. The inspiration to this concept was my family. Between us, were super common to say that we weren't hungry of any burguer, but hungry of Mc.

A popular way to put the brand, again, literally at brazilians mouth.

We also wanted to bring “food porn” for the brand, play with the petit appeal.

What I did: Concept and tagline


Fini is a candy brand, marshmallows included.

In this campaign we played with de marshmallows fluffiness.

We create an imaginary super, master, over the top fluffy word.

What I did: Idea, concept and copy


When people think of vacations, they think of rest, relaxation, bikinis and martinis, not the chaos found in the most popular destinations by tourists.

So we've created a campaign to show that only Aruba can offer a real vacation, and an amazing tan.

What I did: Idea, concept, copy and production


The last, but not the least.

Cepêra is a Brazilian food brand specialized in condiments. They needed a change of position to launch the new product line Sabores Cepêra. We created a whole new concept and visual for the brand and the new line. The idea was to make it more fun to attract the youth.

What I did: Idea, concept, copy and radio spots

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